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IP66 Mustache Wax

IP66 Mustache Wax

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IP66 is the sickest and most extreme wax in our Four cross collection by Filip Flisar. Inspired by industrial IP protection standards, we designed the strongest, most hardcore and heavy duty wax out there. Need proof? Check out our radical test series.

Its waterproof, powder-proof and party-proof formula protects your mustache against water, snow, dust and booze while keeping them perfectly shaped for hours! So skiers, surfers, bikers, party animals, adventurers and plumbers, look no further. IP66 mustache wax is the ultimate and only must-have tool you'll ever need.

IP66 is an extra hold and 100% natural mustache wax made from the finest and highest quality ingredients.

WARNING! Due to its extreme formula, IP66 really is a hardcore wax made for toughest occasions and thus slightly harder to apply. If you are looking for an everyday solution with still amazing hold, go for CAMBER mustache wax!

IP66 comes in a handy BFA free and 100% recyclable stick with a durable INOX urban multi-tool, 120 kg load A4 INOX carabiner and a handmade walnut wooden casing for an extra radical experience!

The small and convenient design enables better pocket fit which keeps the wax warmer and easier to apply.

Learn more about IP66 protection class, how to use our products, our natural ingredients and warnings.

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