About Rӕdical

Our name says it all.

Inspired and influenced by radical sports, music, crafts and ideas our goal is to catch some of that spirit, enhance it with our radical blends and give it back to the community to create a never ending circle of progress, perfection and satisfaction. That is why we decided to make our brand public and open for everyone to use and share. Read more about our open brand policy here.

Growing a beard, mustache or anything else for that matter in many ways reflects and represents who we are and what we as a brand stand for. It takes dedication, commitment, patience and wisdom to grow a beard as it is to produce the finest and best quality products. It is however always a great challenge to harness the creativity, dedication and responsibility that comes with growing a beard and blend it into our beard oils.

That being said, Rӕdical stands for everything truly natural, organic, essential and, in a way, revolutionary. All our products are handmade and in small batches to keep them controlled and fresh, using only the best, purest and fully certified 100% natural ingredients. And rest assured, we make sure that our suppliers are equally passionate about their work as we are about ours. All ingredients are synthetic free and vegan friendly. Please read more about our ingredients in our Tech section.

We strive for perfection in everything we do to meet our own radical standards. It's not always easy, but that's the whole point! It is our highest precedence to meet and even surpass your greatest expectations. By supporting us you also support small business directly, so here is a reason for you to feel good about it. We really appreciate your support \m/.

We would absolutely like to hear your feedback on our products! Do not hesitate to drop as a line on info@raedical.com

Stay radical!


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