Compromises are for the weak!

Inspired and influenced by radical sports, music, crafts, ideas and nature for those, who love to push the limits, value freedom and creativity and strive for perfection. Our collection consists of all natural products that will help you nurture, maintain, moisturize and regenerate your beard, mustache and skin underneath. All our products are hand made from 100% natural, certified, synthetic free and vegan friendly ingredients!


After trying multiple waxes and nothing holding up the ip66 was my saviour! 1 application leaves you looking swarve all day!

Max P.

Lovely packaging, arrived here faster than lightning, quality product and it was pretty affordable. I could not have found a better gift for the husband!

Lydia K.

I noticed that in my hair, the wax's effect is better if hair are a little bit humide. :)

Kevin B.