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Wanna help us kick off? We are constantly looking for friends and future partners that would be interested in selling our radical products.

Simply apply as a reseller by dropping us a line on and start selling Rӕdical products in your online store, skate shop, pub, barber shop etc.

We really appreciate your interest in partnering with us and are very excited to learning more about you, your business and your ideas!



 Proshave (Denmark)

Barbershop (Norway)
Pomadeshop (Germany)
Pogonotomie (France)
Kuninghabe (Estonia)
Hairmaker (Greece)
Vi Tva Hairshop (Germany)
Men Supply (Switzerland)
Herr Feldmann (Germany)
West Coast Shaving (USA)
Fendrihan (Canada)
Mencare (Switzerland)
Baardenco (Belgium) Barbertop lmtd. (Russia)