How to use Raedical mustache waxes

First things first. Choose your favorite 100% natural and best quality mustache wax from our awesome Rӕdical XXXX mustache wax collection.

To apply Rӕdical XXXX mustache wax scrape off desired amount of wax with the tip of your thumbnail, warm it between your fingers and apply it to your mustache directly. Get creative with shaping and you're good to go!

Pro tip:

Keep your wax warm and ready to use by keeping it in your pocket. All Rӕdical XXXX mustache waxes come in a handy stick that enables better pocket fit and keeps the wax warmer and easier to apply.

Check out our super awesome video tutorial with Filip Flisar


Rӕdical XXXX mustache waxes are 100% natural and may contain nut/tree nut oils. Test for allergens before applying and discontinue use it if any irritation occurs. Keep out of children reach. For external use only. Do not use on open wounds. Avoid contact with eyes. Store away from light and heat.