XXXX Ultimate Mo Wax Collection - Rӕdical

XXXX Ultimate Mo Wax Collection

Our ultimate XXXX mustache wax collection by Filip Flisar for every god given occasion and situation.

  • IP66, extra hold mo wax for heavy and hardcore users.
  • CAMBER, medium mo wax for special occasions.
  • ROCKER, mustache balm for everyday natural look.

All Raedical waxes are 100% natural and made from finest and highest quality ingredients.

All waxes come in a handy BFA free and 100% recyclable stick and a handmade walnut wooden casing for an extra radical experience! IP66 package includes a durable INOX urban multi-tool, 120 kg load A4 INOX carabiner.

The small and convenient design enables better pocket fit which keeps the wax warmer and easier to apply.

Learn more about how to use our products, our natural ingredientsand warnings.

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  • 100%money back guarantee

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