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CARVER All-in-one Balm

CARVER All-in-one Balm

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CARVER is an ultimate, all-in-one, light hold and natural look balm made from all natural, synthetic and silicone free ingredients. 

It has just enough hold to help you carve out that perfect natural look shape of your beard, mustache and hair, while also works perfectly on your skin and hands after a gnarly day out in nature or in the gym.

Carver is by far the most versatile product from our signature Four cross range by Filip Flisar.

The perfect blend of finest and highest quality bees wax, shea butter, lanolin and jojoba oil helps protect your beard and regenerates, hydrates and moisturizes your skin keeping it soft and healthy.

We’ve scented it with our special MOVE EXTREME blend, which gives CARVER the distinct fresh & fruity character.

  Check out the Carver speed test video!

Learn more about how to use our products, our natural ingredients and warnings.

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