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Borknagar Beard Oil

Borknagar Beard Oil

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Celebrating and honoring the Borknagar 10th studio release Winter Thrice with the release of this awesome collab - the limited edition Borknagar beard oil, a must have for all bearded metalheads!

While "under the hood", Riff is the meanest, heaviest and most badass blend in Rædical collection. Whether you are rocking it hard up on the stage or getting mental down in the pit, your beard is now safe from you and your buddies sweat and spilled drinks.

It wasn’t easy but we’ve managed to come up with a blend of 100% natural and highest quality jojoba, sweet almond, hazelnut, castor and hemp seed oils to protect your heavy metal beard and keep it all soft and shiny while also regenerating your skin for the next morning.

NOTES: Woodsy, spicy & fruity character, Rosewood, Citrus, Bay

Borknagar beard oil comes in a beautiful, handmade walnut wooden case with Borknagar signature serpent logo.

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