CARVER - Press Release

Filip Flisar tests his signature CARVER balm in the Planica wind tunnel!

CARVER all-in-one balm by Filip Flisar launch press release – March, 2017

Filip Flisar presents a new member of his signature XXXX (four cross) family - 100% natural, high performance and by far the most versatile all-in-one formula for beard, mustache, hair and skin in the XXXX collection. It doesn't matter, if you're a gentleman or a total extremist, it's all there. 

It has been almost a year, since a Slovenian ski cross racer, world champion, X-Games silver medalist and two-time Olympian Filip Flisar released his signature mustache wax collection and a series of radical test videos. Since then, an epic beard has updated his distinctive mustache look, which now calls a completely new treatment and approach.

With the bar set so high from the last heavy-duty product collection, Filip and the guys at Rædical had to go back to the drawing board and design a brand new product from the ground up. After several months of research, planning and development, they came up with yet another 100% natural, high performance and versatile all-in-one formula for beard, mustache, hair and skin – The CARVER.

To make sure it can live up to all the requirements and expectations Filip and other XXXX (Four cross) wax cousins have set, they went to the Planica Nordic Centre wind tunnel and exposed Filip to extreme high winds generated by a 1,5 megawatt turbine.

To see how Filip and his beard coped with the speed test, watch the new episode of the radical test series below:

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  Filip Flisar - Rædical XXXX CAMBER mustache wax test 
Filip Flisar - Rædical XXXX IP66 mustache wax test 
Filip Flisar - Rædical XXXX ROCKER mustache wax test 
How to apply Rædical XXXX mustache wax - with Filip Flisar 






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